Interest in Vineyard churches in US?


I've made my introduction and perused the list of places of worship and notice there is not a file for vineyards of the US present. I'm a member in my hometown and would like to have some help if there is actually an interest in one. comments, suggestions?


So not having realized this was an overarching term, I was curious, went to wiki, and ended up here.

They have a search for finding Vineyard Churches which means they have a directory with addresses (at the least.) They might like the idea of converting this into a GPS POI file and if so, they might share it with you in return for you donating the finished csv file back to them.

They have a "Contact Us" link on the site.

Go give it a shot.

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that helped

I actually thought this was about churches that were next to wine making establishments. Thanks for the link.