Mapsoure - new feature needed


Don't expect Garmin to do this, but I just sent them a request for a new feature in Mapsource.

Right now, I see no way to open more than one file at the same time. The design of the GPS and Mapsource, however, cause us to create Custom POI files along with our route/waypoint file.

But when working with Mapsource you have to make a choice - do I see my custom POIs or do I see my waypoints and routes. I would like to have both open and available at the same time.

So, I sent Garmin a request for this feature. Hope they will consider it, but I'm not terribly optimistic.

If I'm missing the way to do this, hopefully someone will straighten me out!

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You can open multiple

You can open multiple instances of MapSource at the same time.

You can copy and paste between them.

That would be nice. I was

That would be nice. I was trying to combine two sets of waypoints the other day and couldn't. I didn't know about being able to open two instances of Mapsource though. I'll have to go back and try that. I'd prefer an import function, but if I have to cut & paste, so be it.

Missing pieces

Why when my Favorites/Waypoints are transferred to mapsource and I select one to view, the phone number that was attached to the clean Favorite/Waypoint suddenly is missing digits when I send info back to the GPS? Why is Mapsource altering my favorites/waypoints?

Hello?? anyone out there to help me?

On your mark, Get set.....wait a we can GO.... (Garmin c340)

Map source and wants/suggestions

I have been told by a Garmin rep that they like to hear about suggestions. I was told that if you email a suggestion, they have a special group that takes a look at it and ponders the possibility.

The rep said that Garmin does listen to their customers and appreciate input. This could be lip service, but I do notice a lot of updates do have enhancements...could be they actually listen to their customers.