Transfer custom poi info FROM zumo TO mapsource


Thanks in advance for helping a newb! I have searched but can't find an answer to the following question:

Having just downloaded a custom poi list re the Blue Ridge Pkwy is there a way to import that info into my mapsource program so I can build custom routes using the poi data while working on my desktop?

Again, many thanks.

Did you create custom poi

Did you create custom poi file from gpx file using poi loader? If you have the gpx source file, you can open (or drag and drop) into Mapsource. If the source file is csv, it will have to be converted to gpx to use with Mapsource.

I have seen other posts about this on this site. Try Search using mapsource.

Does Zumo support routes?

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You might want to check out this file on the Zumo Forums.;sa=view...


I did not know you could open a file into Mapsource. Just got all the harley dealers in there, and now will work on the BRP stuff that started all this.

Thanks again.

Sweet!! Thanx MM!

Motorcycle Mama wrote:

You might want to check out this file on the Zumo Forums.;sa=view;down=36

Sweet, sweet site!! Thanx MM grin

I guess I never found it before because my M.O. has always been to use a hammer with screws (nuvi on my scooter). shock

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