Update POI's


After download and check the POI location. While some POI location are missing, I add to file and double check for correctly.

When the original POI file create by submitter, can I upload the POI file or I have to notifiy the submitter to fix?

Can anybody upgrade it or only the submitter can do?

Which answer.


Notify the submitter

Most maintainer will update any errors in the file very quickly when notified. If you can't reach the submitter then ask Miss Poi for assitance.

Avoid creating duplicate files.

Contact the owner to see how they want to be notified of the updates. Some owners like to get complete updated full replacement files and others prefer to know what change and then they will update the file.

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Notify Maintainer

You have to notify the maintainer of the file. Not just any of us can change a POI file.

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