Does google maps or mapquest work with TT such as Garmin?


I see where is says that it does but cant seems to see a link for it. Any help?

Here is video for Google

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What about your saved maps

What about your saved maps with multiple entries. I used to use this feature when traveling to a location. I would make a POI from google maps and use that POI when in the area.

This is how I do the custom

This is how I do the custom pois with Google maps if this is what you are looking for.

1. Go to Google maps and click on sign in. Now create an account.
2.Once signed in go to create new map on left. Fill in title and description. Under privacy settings mark public or unlisted. Then click done.
3.It will now show under my maps. Make sure you have check mark in title. The map will always be there unless you delete it.
4.Now go to top and click on either search the map (single address) or find places of interest (listing by name). For example National Parks.
5.Once you make the search you will see results on left. I like to use two screens in the process. One for the data listed on the web page and Google my maps. This allows me to compare the address from the data page to what shows on Google maps in case it shows more then one listing.
6.Click on marker you want. Popup will come up click save to my maps. Next popup which map you want to save it to click on save. Next popup should show info click on save. Anything on last popup is the time you want to remove any information not needed or make any changes before saving. Remove more info or picture for example.
7.Now go back to search and put the next address or place of interest in. Repeat this each time you complete one.
8. Once all your locations are entered go to link located on right near top and click on it. Under paste link in email or im you will see the highlighted link right click mouse and save it.
9.Now go to site and paste in the url you copied where it says paste in your Google my maps url. Now click load my map.
10.You will have a choice to upload to garmin gps (will go to favorites) or download GPX. Select download GPX and save it
11.Download (only works for windows now) and load the gpx file to it. You now will be able to review the file and make the necessary changes or add additional information such as comments; alerts and etc .You can save as a gpx file or Tom Tom OV2.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. Android Here WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS.