TomTom 140 charging issue


My TT140 is not charging with all of my existing miniUSB chargers.

I can use a generic Motorola miniUSB charger to charge the TT140 at home on AC, but in the car, my generic Motorola miniUSB car charger won't work with the TT140.

I'm mystified as to why. Typically if a gadget will charge with generic miniUSB charger in AC, it should work just fine with the car miniUSB charger. In fact my TT125 works fine with both chargers.

This is unlike the newere Garmin Nuvi units, which won't operate if I'm using a generic miniUSB charger, either in AC or DC - it will only show the "charging or connected to PC" screen.

Anyone have any similar problems with TT140 or any insights?


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