GO-910 Unable to Add OV2 Files


Following instruction found here detailing how to add POI OV2 files to the GO-910 resulted in them not being found on the 910. Looking at the contents of the hard disk in the 910 shows the files are there, but the 910 does not see or list them in the POI index.

The instructions in the FAQ, say to add them to the map folder which I did and I have confirmed they are in there using "My Computer".

Why does my 910 not see them? What am I missing here?


Never Mind

Never mind I figured it out. Apparently I have 2 folders that have the U.S. map and I had put the OV2 files in the incorrect folder. It recognizes the OV2 files now.


Two USA Maps?

How come you have 2 maps or folders for your map(s)?