Issues with software 4.90 on Nuvi 770.


Hi all,

Anyone else having issues with the 4.90 software on the nuvi's? My GPS after the "upgrade" is now freezing more and when i turn off my car my nuvi just shuts down. It doesnt ask to stay on battery power. It does this now 50% of the time when I turn off the car.
I am thinking its due to the 4.90. Anyone else having similar problems?


Louie Lou Nuvi 770

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See the little box up near the top left hand side of the screen with the button next to it that says 'search'?

Perhaps you should try typing '4.90 into that box and click the'search' button.

Currently have: SP3, GPSMAP 276c, Nuvi 760T, Nuvi 3790LMT, Zumo 660T


wow.....thanks. Mod, feel free to delete this post. thanks.

Louie Lou Nuvi 770