Chasing the Tail of your Bread Crumb Trail


I thought this was kinda cool and wanted to share for anyone that uses the bread crumb trail on their Nuvi. I was driving to Nashville last week and had to make a slight detour off I-40 to go to Sevierville. We had been to Knoxville over Labor Day (440 mile trip) so on the way down my Nuvi still showed the blue line trail from when we returned home to VA along I-40 and I-81.

During our Labor Day trip, we had taken some back roads in the Smokies and near Dollywood to get around traffic and work our way back to I-40. As I'm driving down Hwy 411 all of a sudden the tail of my bread crumb trail appears right in front of me. As much as I tried, I kept trying to catch my tail but never did until my trail turned off in Knoxville and I continued to Nashville.

As near as I can tell, my bread crumb trail must've been close to 1000 miles long and here I was over 400 miles from home. If I had been paying attention on my return trip to VA, I should've passed my tail somewhere along I-81 as I was headed Eastbound and my tail was following my Westbound portion of the trip.

Anyone ever have this happen to them?

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I have seen this ... but only once in the 1 year time that I have had my nuvi. The log can only hold so many points, so once the log is full, for each new point it adds, it has to remove the oldest one. You have to be in a situation where your current location and the end of the log location are close enough together to be in the same navigation view screen.

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I understand that there is a

I understand that there is a finite length to the trail. If you drive around your home area a lot it's easy to not see the end as the lines are usually doubled up on each other. It was just interesting in the fact that here I was on random chance in an area that I may only drive once or twice a year and to end up in that same spot exactly 10,000 (or whatever the number Garmin uses) bread crumbs later.

I did notice that while I was stuck at stop lights the tail would keep advancing further away indicating that a "mark" is made based on time rather than distance.

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Kind of cool

I have seen than on my handheld Legend, but not on the nuvi.