Fodor's Travel Guide Install - Possible Resolution



I thought I'd share this just in case someone else had the same problem.

Info: Nuvi (mine was 350), Garmin Lock activated, Many custom POI (.gpi) files in the Garmin\POI folder

Problem: After installing the Fodor's Travel Guide to the Nuvi, Travel Guide doesn't work without the Fodor's SD card inserted in the Nuvi. If you remove the SD Card, Fodor's Travel Guide does not work. Reinserting your Fodor's SD card may cause it to ask to install again.

1. Turn off Garmin Lock.
2. On your NUVI, move all other ***.gpi files out of the Garmin\POI folder. Then install the Fodor's Travel Guide from the original SD card. Then move back the ***.gpi files back into the Garmin\POI folder.

Why are there two solutions?:
Because when I was troubleshooting my problem, I had done both and I'm not actually sure which fixed the problem.

Hope this helps...

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