Which is better? C330 or Nuvi 350


Which instrument is better interms of POI uploading and handling? Garmin C330 or Nuvi 350?

I have currently C330 and want to return it back and buy Nuvi 350..

Any immidiate advice?

Shital Kansara

Shital Kansara

Get the 350. As you already

Get the 350. Get the 330 won't allow storage of POIs on the SD card which really sucks!

see thread...


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nuvi 350 has text to speech

nuvi 350 has text to speech (speaks street names) and has customized vehicles. the C330 does not have these features.
Both can handle customized POI. Nuvi 350 has a tour guide function meaning it can play mp3 files based on POI. Practically speaking this means, You can have the nuvi 350 verbally warn you if a red light camera is ahead. While the C330 will only beep.

I have both. While both

I have both.

While both are great units, the 350 has some features that are not available on the 330

Good thread....

I never thought about the Nuvi. I'll take a look and see.

Nuvi 350 - depending on your needs

I got a c330 and loved it, but had seen a family members Nuvi and did more reading. When I saw the Nuvi 350 for 350 at costco, I got it.

Thoughts : if you just use it to get around, no POI's , if its always in your car the C330 works great. Functionally they're very similar. The part that put me over the top was the POI handling. They both have SD slots, but on the c330 its lacking some functionatlity (ie you cant put POI's on the card). Its basically JUST for maps. Other pluses to the Nuvi - the text to speech, the "other features" (that I dont use much) like MP3, calculator, converter (units) etc are all nice. The other plus for the Nuvi is the ability to see and goto coordinates as well as display the altitude. For me those were both big pluses. I love the portability of it as well. I dont think I'm going to be using my Etrex much anymore smile

Best of luck - you cant go wrong with either..

I should have said this

I should have said this eariler. The nuvi has the newest gps chip the sirf. Which can pick up gps signal better the the chip in the streetpilot C3X0 series. Practically speaking The nuvi 350 may work in places where the C3X0 series cannot.

POI handling on C3XX series

There was another question someone brought up about storing POIs on the C320. But some replies refer to the C3xx series, in general.


Hope this helps.

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