Suffolk County NY May Add Fake Cameras


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Suffolk says some red-light cameras will be fakes
September 8, 2009 By REID J. EPSTEIN

As part of its plan to set up red-light cameras at intersections, Suffolk County also will install dummy cameras to fool drivers into believing they are being monitored, Public Works Commissioner Gilbert Anderson said Tuesday.

Anderson spoke after a meeting of the Legislature's Public Works and Transportation Committee in which he tried to ease legislators' concerns about Nassau drivers who have been fined for making right turns on red lights at camera-equipped intersections.

Suffolk's request for proposals for a red-light camera operating system is not due back until Oct. 9, said Anderson and Bill Hillman, the county's chief engineer. But the county plans to direct the vendor to make its devices tell the difference between a vehicle driving straight through a red light and one making a legal right turn.

The county has been authorized by state lawmakers to install 50 red-light cameras. Anderson told legislators he expects the initial set to sit at intersections within the Suffolk police district, which encompasses the county's five western towns, excluding villages with their own police department.

Anderson said the county is still deciding which intersections will get cameras and whether the county would note them with signs. He said he did not know how many dummy cameras the county would install.

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Suffolk County Red Light Cameras

Well, here is another reason I'm glad I moved off Long Island from Suffolk County to Beautiful North Carolina where their red light camera laws were found illegal.

Thanks for the post Moose. I'll be visiting the "old" haunts from time to time so I will definitely keep my red light camera files up to date.

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Fake Cameras

That won't be cost effective enough for them - no revenue!!


Ahh, but...

FZbar wrote:

That won't be cost effective enough for them - no revenue!!


If the housings are there, how will you know if a camera is installed or not? Put up 10 housings all wired and ready and then shuffle 7 cameras around. You'll never know if that intersection is being monitored or not. It expands the enforcement area without much cost.

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Fake Cameras

You miss the point. If they don't increase the number of cameras, they don't increase their income, regardless of where they are located.

Also, moving cameras around & setting them up takes the chance of damaging them, & takes time during which there is no revenue. In this case their income declines further.

So, my take - not likely unless they're playing to another issue - preserving the safety of it's citizens OR combatting a rise of citizens to make them illegal - see we're doing it in your interest.



Now this is about safety!!!!!

It cost the county for installation with no return and will increase the chances that people will obey the rules of the road!

Good for them.

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I Agree

with Onestep. It's finally all about safety. Great idea!

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