Lawsuits Follow Red Light Cameras' Arrival In Florida


If you live in California, New York or one of 22 other states, you may have been caught on camera running a red light. Red light cameras have now come to Florida, and they're being welcomed with a bevy of lawsuits.
The rules of the road are governed by state law and they have to be uniform throughout the state. You can't have a different law for what you can and can't do on the road in one part of the state than you do in another part.
Although red light cameras are spreading, they have had setbacks. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled against them. Several states have laws that ban them outright. It's possible that in Florida the legal challenges to the use of red light cameras may soon become moot. After years of resisting them, the state legislature looks like it may pass a law accommodating red light cameras in its next legislative session.

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