i want to build a mapset in mapsource, a Colorado topo.
but when i build it it makes it a gdb file, i know how to get the file to the sd card, but it wont show up in the unit, could someone please list the steps on how to get this done!


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well gosh this is what i get for no sleep in 3 days, i was forgetting to build the mapset. then send it!!

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Select the map tile(s) in MapSource using the Map Tool. The selected tiles will show up under the Map(s) Tab on the left side of the program window.

Connect the GPS unit with the card into to the computer with the USB cable. (Alternately, put the card in a card reader and connect that to the computer.)

Use the "Send to Device" button in MapSource to send the maps to the unit. Be sure that in the drop down list in the dialog box that comes up that you SELECT the CORRECT DESTINATION of the CARD. Don't assume that the default is correct.

Once the maps are sent, you have to go to the Map Setup screen on the GPS unit and select those maps to SHOW. Note that if you also have the City Navigator Maps loaded, you will need to HIDE those in order for the TOPO Maps to show.



i am trying to get ready for next month, doing allot of hiking, back packing in co,wa,mt,id, so am trying to get the maps on the unit. any other tips would be great if you would like to share

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Don't forget to pack a couple cases of batteries if you are really hiking that much! smile

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i use

recharable, and a solar panel to recharge as i hike, have it strapped to the top of my backpack smile

that way i dont have to carry pounds and pounds of batteries, i carry, 10 25oo mah,

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