Contributors of the week 2009-06-01



congratulations ahsumtoy

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Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work ahsumtoy.

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What a great topic! Thanks

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Contributors of the week 2009-06-01

Congrats for a job well done.

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Great Job!

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Would it be too much to ask

miss poi wrote:

This week we are recognizing ahsumtoy for his great work on his contribution of Sand Dune location files.

Fantastic Job!!!

Miss POI

Would it be too much to ask for links to the POI files that COW recipients are being recognized for?

We can all benefit and learn from COW examples idea

I have seen the future and it is now!

I haven't packaged them yet.

I have now linked them to the page:)

Miss POI


Another one joins the COW Club good job.

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Don't stop at 19; make it an even 20 files .....

Kudos for all the files; I know because I worked hard just to get a few of my own up on the board.

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Your work is greatly appreciated. Thanks & Congratulations. grin Keep it up.

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Garmin nuvi,750


As I don't offroad - I hope I don't have to use any of your files to get where I need to go smile. Great work.


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Got Milk?

Hard work by the Select few that go above and beyond,make the community Strong.

Now get back to work

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We appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work!

Great work..

Great work.. congratulations!


to ahsumtoy,thanks for your work and dedication,that helps us all enjoy the site. wink

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Thank you

Thank you for all your work.

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hey great work ahsumtoy

Just a thanks for all your efforts... Well that and to see how you're (Dune):)/do'in.

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