Cinders Sand Dunes Arizona

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Last updated 02/05/2011

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  • United States: AZ

Name: Cinder Hills OHV Area, Arizona
12 miles northeast of Flagstaff, AZ

Approximately 13,500 acres in the Cinder Hills has been designated for off-highway vehicle recreation. Management emphasis is for the use of 2-, 3-, and 4-wheel vehicles. Within the 13,500 acre area, portions will have use restricted to a relatively dense network of designated routes which will be identified at a later date. Generally unrestricted use will be on areas devoid of vegetation or with sparse vegetation and without such things as sensitive plants, archaeological sites, critical wildlife habitat, excessively steep slopes, or visually sensitive areas.

A sensitive resource area of 53,000 acres surrounding the designated off-highway use area has been set aside as closed to cross-country travel. Designated travel routes provided in this area are shown on the map as forest routes.

Elevation - 6,900 ft.

Direct access via Hwy 89

Turn right off of Hwy 89 at FR 776. Turnoff is between mile marker 426 and 427 (7.1 miles from I-40 and Hwy 89). If you are heading north from Flagstaff , and hit mile marker 427 or Girls Ranch Rd. , you’ve gone too far. The turnoff was not marked in April 2005.

Access via Sunset Crater National Monument

From Hwy 89 turnoff from I-40 drive 10.7 miles to the Sunset Crater National Monument turnoff (FR 545). Drive 6.1 miles and turn right on FR 776 (4.3 miles past the Sunset Crater Visitor Center ).

Camping Area(s):
Camping is allowed along FR 776 except where signed (near Sunset Crater National Monument on FR 545 and near the intersection of FR 414 & FR 776).

Typical camping areas off of FR 776. Many small hardened pads.

Camping area near CJ Hill

No OHV Access: Sunset Crater National Monument has two campgrounds (Bonito and O’Leary Group Campground), but access is not available to Cinder Hills OHV area for OHVs. Street legal vehicles can travel to Cinder Hills by traveling east on FR 545 to FR 776.


Helmets are required by state law for all drivers and passengers under the age of 18 years.
Only licensed motor vehicles will be permitted on Forest Roads 414, 776 and 777.
All vehicles are required to have a Forest Service approved exhaust system or spark arrester and be in good condition.
Vehicles shall not be driven carelessly without regard for the safety of others or in a manner that is likely to endanger any person or property.
Glass containers are not permitted in the Cinder Hills Off-Highway Vehicle Area
Camping is restricted on several portions of forest Road 776. These areas shall be posted (refer to map for locations).
Campfire and smoking restrictions may be in effect during dry periods. Please check with any Forest Service office for current fire restrictions.
There are a few Designated Routes. Please stay on the marked trails where signs are present.

Please respect OHV & Camping boundaries. There are several areas that are closed to vehicles and camping:

Sunset Crater National Monument - west side of FR 776 from FR 545 south.
FR 776 near FR 545.
FR 776 near Hwy 89

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