Olgilby Sand Dunes - Calif

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Last updated 02/05/2011

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  • United States: CA

Getting there from the Dunes
From Patton Valley, head east looking for the microwave tower.

From the Washes north or Ogilby, head south on Wash Rd.

Getting the from the Highway
Take the Ogilby Road exit from Interstate 8. Continue north for about 3 miles About 100ft before the railroad tracks, take a left. Then follow the power lines, curve to the right. There's a small sign. Keep going, it gets narrow and soft. Head for the tower. There is a BLM pay station at the camp.

Ogilby is surrounded by small dunes to the west, with access to Patton Valley a few miles through these small dunes. Ogilby tends to be a more family oriented, quiet camp area. A bit farther away from the highway than other south dune locations.

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