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Since I have found that everyone on this GPS web site is very tech savy, and since I really do value your ideas, I would like to ask a question to the group that is un related to a GPS and see what you think. I am planning on purchasing a surrond sound theater and am trying to determine whether to buy an up-convert DVD unit or a Blu-ray unit. What I would like from this GPS community is whether you think that the Blu-Ray discs will become the standard (like CD's did to cassette tapes) and the DVD's will become obsolete, or will the Blu-Ray disc not catch on and disappear (like the Beta Max did vs the VCR tape)? I'm just looking for a sampling of the predictions of the future from this fine group of fellow GPS users.

Get a dual formatt player.

Get a dual formatt player.

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I not only had to scrap two

I not only had to scrap two Beta Max machines, I also scrapped one Apple IIC and one Apple IIGS when Apple discontinued supporting the format and didn't subsidize upgrading to Mac.

I agree with onestep; dual format is like hedging your bet.

dumping optical completely, would this really suprise you ?

Samsung says Blu-ray to be obsolete in five years.

Could we be ditching optical video altogether in favor of flash media cards? After all no moving parts to break down.

Time will tell.

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dumping optical

BobDee wrote:

Samsung says Blu-ray to be obsolete in five years.

I wouldn't doubt that, in five years they'll have the market saturated with Blu-ray players, so they will have to come up with something new to sell more players.

BobDee wrote:

Could we be ditching optical video altogether in favor of flash media cards? After all no moving parts to break down.

Time will tell.

The technology is there already, the only problem is getting the cost per gig down.

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Even iPods could be on there way out..

With terabyte sd cards on there way. I was looking at new after market radios for my auto and some of them come with the ability to accept sd cards along with the aux input etc... It probably won't take 5 years the way things are changing at an ever faster pace...

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I know that the Blu-Ray

I know that the Blu-Ray units produce a much sharper image but I typically rent from Blockbuster and I suspect that I could get along just fine with the upconvert units. What I'm worried about is that lately I've seen many more Blu-Ray movies to rent (they are taking up more and more of the wall section at my local Blockbuster) and I wonder if I would find it hard to rent a regular DVD in the short term future. I agree with everyone so far that I suspect that both formats are not here for the long term. When I see the price and capacity of the SD cards, I can't imagine that becoming the "Next" wave. But until then, I have to decide which DVD format to get. I'm not sure that I would get enough use to justify the price of the Blu-Ray but I don't want a machine on my shelf that I can't get DVD for either. Sire1234

Blu-Ray for now

Blu-Ray will be around for a while. If you have a high def TV, I would get a Blu-Ray player. Most all will play DVDs and up-convert in addition to playing the Blu_ray discs. The prices should continue to drop on Blu-Ray discs too. Get a Blu-Ray player with an internet connection as most of the newer content / discs have something called BD-live which provides additional material via the internet. The internet connection also allows the player to update the internal software (firmware) very easily.

Unrelated Stuff

I admit I'm not tech savvy, I just go to google search around read reviews so I ended up with a sony bluray player and a sony dvd carousel player that upconverts to higher res and they the dvd's look good.

Planned obsolesce?

This is an area where opinions may differ and with the increasing rate of technology change it is difficult to predict anything.

Most new DVD players will upconvert and produce an excellent image on your TV. If your screen size is 40" or smaller, it is likely that you will not see much difference between DVD and Blu-Ray. If you have a screen larger than 40" you will likely enjoy a Blu-Ray more. Blu-Ray players are downward compatible; they play standard DVDs.

If you rent movies, depending on your market, Blu-Ray titles may or may not be readilly available, but they seem to be catching on.

If you purchase movies, do so with the expectation that some day the disk player as we know it may be a relic like the 45's or 8-tracks.

Netflix has ventured into on-line rentals and with advances in broadband technology we may see movies and other programming on demand over an Internet connection similiar to what DISH and others offer now.

I agree with philr_up. If you decide to buy a Blu-Ray player, get one with an Internet connection as firmware is what makes all this go, and changes to keep up with advances in Blu-Ray disks are easily done if you have the player connected to your home's router/hub.

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Blu-Ray player can play (with upconversion) all standard definition DVD's, so there isn't a real fear that they can be totally useless one day. My suggestion is, go get a PS3. It's a little more expensive than a stand-alone blu-ray player, but you get much more, and in a case of blu-ray format being just an "one year wonder" for your satisfaction you can still play games or if you don't play, you can always give it to somebody in your family.

AVS Forums

A good forum to learn about all things audio/video is AVS Forum www.avsforum.com

Here's a good starting point http://tinyurl.com/dzmhru


most players available nowadays are dual format but still make sure you check the box and documentation closely to ensure it is.

Overall I am of the belief that unless you plan to upgrade or use a large number of BluRay discs, I would just stick with an upconverting DVD player and wait until the BluRay players drop to the $100-150 range for the mainstream player.

Also a bit of "just to make sure", you will need an HDTV that is at minimum 720p to even see any difference. If you still have a tube/projection type TV then a regular DVD player is all you need.

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Get the blu-ray

Go with the blu-ray and enjoy it. Technology changes so fast that there will always be something better around the corner.


Like hercegovac said... spend the few extra dollars and get a PS3 (some cases the PS3 is less). Beyong the DVD Player it is not just games. When the PS3 is connected to a network (wifi or wired, wifi come installed on unit)with other shared PC's you will have access to AVI and other Video Files, Music, Pictures, Create Photo Albums to share with friends and family when they show up to visit. You get an Internet access point without the need for a PC. The PS3 has bluetooth and you can purchase a full blown keyboard to surf the net and use other bluetooth addons. With so many other options you must know that you not getting just a "DVD" and "GAMES" machine as most would think. I have a PS3 and didn't know how powerful of a unit it really was.... Today I can say it has been the best purchase I have ever made. GO OUT AND GET YOU A PS3, you will love it! SONY got it right. Blue-Ray is the format of DVD for the next few years.


I agree - Buy - Enjoy - Move on

JimmyJames11 wrote:

Go with the blu-ray and enjoy it. Technology changes so fast that there will always be something better around the corner.

I agree.

It will be Solid State in no time but if you wait for that something new will be just around the corner then.

Same with GPS - so don't feel too guilty about getting our views. Buy now, enjoy what you get for as long as you can (until you can not resist the next upgrade) and then move on - no regrets.

Just my opinion

I believe blu-ray will go where 8 track cassette has gone.

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Blue Ray

Blue Ray is already the standard over HD players. HD "gave up" last year.

I have a Play Station 3 (PS3) player that plays Blue Ray disks. The cost of the PS3 is just about that of a Blue Ray player. My PS3 is connected to the INTERNET via WIFI and to my 50 inch 1080 TV via HDMI cable and uses my home theater audio system. This is the fun way to go!

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Prices dropping...

Guess what, blu-ray player prices are dropping!

I'd expect to see the $150 price point broken by the Holidays.

As others have said, it doesn't make much sense to go to blu-ray if you don't have a display that's capable of at least 720p.

And upscaling DVD players are under $100 if you want to wait for another year.

A nerd friend picked up a "broken" blu-ray player at a goodwill store -- and now has a cool blue laser pointer!

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Last thing I heard at the

Last thing I heard at the end of 2008, blu-ray was still struggling to gain consumer acceptance regardless of their victory over HD-DVD.

I personally would wait another year or at least until the price of the player drops below $100.