City Navigator 2010 North America Now Available


According to another forum, the City Navigator NT 2010 maps are now available for download (file name Garmin_RMU_CNNANT2010.exe).

I just got a 760 today, so I'll be downloading the new map later tonight and reporting back.

EDIT: Looks like chewbacca was the first to report the new maps in the 2009 MAP UPDATES discussion at 00:48 this a.m.

Nüvi 2595LMT
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nuMaps Guarantee

jmbissell wrote:

I would warn folks that the nuMaps guarantee and Garmin's warranty may not apply if you purchase a unit from eBay. I bought a refurb 750 from a dealer on eBay and Garmin would not allow me to get the free update to 2010 (the date of first acquisition was not reset on the refurb). They also said that the one-year warranty would not be honored on the unit. The dealer tells me that he's not had problems in the past, so maybe they are just enforcing the rules now. If you buy from eBay try to get a receipt that doesn't indicate it was an auction purchase.

I've purchased a refurbished unit from an authorized reseller, and I had no problem with registration or getting a new map.

Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)

Its Amazing

The 2010 Map updates have been out for nearly 3 months, and the Garmin Website, still only shows the 2009 updates for the Kenwood products

New 2010 Maps Downloaded

I downloaded the new map set on my Mac without a hitch and installed it on my wife's Garmin nuvi 265WT. I bought the lifetime subscription for her in 2009 and have updated her nuvi's maps twice. This time the download and install was a lot quicker than last April; about 7 hours last year versus roughly 3 this time.

She hasn't tried the new maps yet so I don't know what changes/improvements have been made. I'd like to hear what others who updated their copy think of the 2010 map set.

We'll give it a good test this June when we drive from our home here in Colorado to her high school reunion in West Virginia and back, with a stop in Kentucky at my brother's place.

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