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Hi Everybody,

I just had my Magellan 1412 stolen, but was looking at the Garmin 260w now $169 @ Costco. Unfortunately I can't find a working 260w to play with, so I hope you can answer two questions for me:

1 - Can the 260 accept manual entry of lat/long coordinates like some of the more recent models?

2 - Does anyone know if the Costco version of the 260 is Version A (no WhereAmI) or Version B (with WhereAmI).

3 - Does the Version A or B question affect the answer to question #1 ?

According to the manual the

According to the manual the 260 will accept coordinates.Some users have gotten lucky on getting the ones with Where Am I and other options on the newer 2x5 models.

This post has some discussion about it.

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A or B?

My understanding is if it has a MicroSD slot rather than a normal SD slot it is the later version.

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760 almost as cheap

Amazon has the 760 factory refurbished for only 189...and it does all the above and more...

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