Severe Geomagnetic Storm Watch


There is a watch for a severe geomagnetic storm. It will be interesting to see what effect it has on GNSS.


Unfortunately it's going to be cloudy here tonight. Maybe tomorrow night or Sunday - but tonight is supposed to be the best night.

Metricman DriveSmart 76 Williamsburg, VA

clear sky's tonight

Washington state we shall see what we see tonight and tomorrow night!


Friday night we took an impromptu drive out of the city lights around 10pm to check it out.
It was barely noticeable to the naked eye here, (yet people in the area posted amazing pics from their iphones). razz
Still, it was a nice adventure.

Solar Storm Crashes GPS Systems

quotes from:

Solar Storm Crashes GPS Systems Used by Some Farmers, Stalling Planting

The storm interfered with navigational systems used in tractors and other farming equipment, leaving some farmers temporarily unable to plant their crops.

The powerful geomagnetic storm that cast the northern lights’ vivid colors across the Northern Hemisphere over the weekend also caused some navigational systems in tractors and other farming equipment to break down at the height of planting season, suppliers and farmers said.

Many farmers have come to rely on the equipment, which uses GPS and other navigational technology and helps them to plant more efficiently and precisely by keeping rows straight and avoiding gaps or overlap. But over the weekend, some of those operations in the Midwest, as well as in other parts of the United States and Canada, temporarily ground to a halt.

Mr. O'Connor said that after being rained out for two weeks, he got into his tractor around 5 p.m., hoping to spend the night planting corn. When he received a warning about his GPS system, he called a technical help line and was directed to a message saying there was an outage and nothing could be done to fix it.

and more of the same...

Awesome Display in Illinois

May 10 was the best night throughout northern and central Illinois. Lots of bright pinks and purples.

No Northern Lights Here

We went out a couple of times over the weekend to try to see them, but nothing was visible here. I did get some signal strength variation for local TV stations on the OTA antenna. It was bad on Saturday, not so much on Sunday.