question for any 7X5 owners who have grabbed the new map updates


it is probably too early to ask this, but I will throw it out there anyway, and hope that it attracts response as experience and miles are gained, and the thread grows.

have any of you noticed if the new map upgrades have increased the number of Junction View screens, and 3D Building views?

arrow I have not yet upgraded

I have only seen one Junction View screen here in the metro Pittsburgh area, and the 3D building view, while more prominently displayed, seems random at best as to what buildings appear. This is with the 2009 maps that came with the unit that I purchased last November.

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errors found in 3D map...

Try disabling the 3D map and see if it resolves the issue. I have massive blank data areas here in the So Cal area and it seems the 3D map is the culprit. Disabling it on the unit clears up the missing data areas. The previous 3D map does NOT have this issue.

**Edit: seems some parks & Indian reservations are the sections that are getting blanked out.

Seems sloppy coding is becoming the norm for Garmin.

See the topic I started (with screen shots) regarding the problem:

with more info in this topic:

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