350 Recharge Cycle Counter


I recently purchased a Garmin 350 refurb. When I registered it, ver 6.0 software was downloaded. Now when I go into diagnostic screens I see that the number of recharge cycles = 1.

My question is: does a hard reset or a software upgrade reset this counter to 0, or did I maybe get an unused unit (or battery)?

350 Recharge Cycle Counter

I don't see a recharge cycle counter on my 350. I'm looking here:
On the map screen, tap speed and Press and hold the 'mph' circle for about 7 seconds.

Am I looking in the wrong place?


http://www.poi-factory.com/node/1132 and then I paged down until I saw the counter

350 Recharge Cycle Counter

OK found it. Mines at 2. It looks to me that this indicates the battery age. I just upgraded to version 6 this week and aside from connecting to the computer for the upgrade, have not charged the unit.

Recharge cycle counter on other units?

Any idea if the recharge cycle counter is on other units? I can't find it in the diagnostics in my 265WT. It has Current, Voltage, and Capacity (%). Just no charge cycle.