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question I have a new TomTom One 3rd edition. It's really light on POIs, so I'm really glad to find this site. If a particular POI, such as Walmart in Elizabethtown, NC (where I live) is already in my data base and I download the complete file here, will I have 2 listings of the same store, or can it weed out duplicate listings?

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I am a garmin user, but normally in units the factory poi database and your custom database are separate. So you may have a store in both databases. However you will only search one at a time.

So I almost always use my custom poi files (over 95,700) and then the factory one second if there is a problem.

It will not hurt your unit to have a location in both places.


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Re: Duplicates

Well, the short answer is: You don't need to worry about it.

Here's why:

If you download the Walmart, or any other POI category that contains repeat entries for POIs that are already preloaded, you would in fact have more than one entry for a given location, however, each individual POI takes such little memory space that it is negligible -only about 120 bytes.

From the organization standpoint, it shouldn't be a problem either, in fact, this makes it easier to work with POIs.

Keep in mind that the built-in POIs come rolled into very generic categories (i.e. Gorceries, Gas Stations, etc.) Having a separate 'Walmart' category allows you to search for and display select only 'Walmart' stores. This way, you also see a neat 'Walmart' logo as you drive along each store. Otherwise, you would need to enable the entire 'Groceries' category, which would show all grocery stores in town, with that plain, generic, shopping cart icon. smile

All GPS navigation devices that allow custom POIs work on the same principle, regardless of the brand, and no built-in POIs are canceled out by the ones you add, even if they refer to the same location.


Duplicate POIs

The only problem that I see is if you route on the one in the built in GPS internal database, when you get close to the location both the Icons will show up on the screen. Not too much of a problem except that the coordinates can vary a little and you will see the icons offset a little.