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Thanks grush, for the info on graphical charts rate GPS by value from consumer reports.I am looking for a new GPS navigation devices for my son.

Garmin Nuvi 750

Garmin nuvi,750

Value Units

I agree that for folks that are wanting a device to get them from A to B and don't care about the latest software - the nuvi 350 is hard to beat. If you have had a gps before - you might not like the "tired" ui. But especially for non technical folks it is a very reliable unit.

Thanks for the link.


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Good find!

It's nice to know my 760 is fairly well regarded. I know I like it.

They and I...

both like the 765T.

Consumer Reports-765T

Panache wrote:

both like the 765T.

They do like the 765T and rate it just under the 880. I love my 765 also.

However they don't rate it a very good value as it sells for like $200 above the 760. We'll probably have to wait awhile for the price to come down for that.

my C580 was top of teh line

my C580 was top of teh line when it came out and years later I still love it!

An excellent resource.

An excellent resource. Thanks.

I know we all think ours is

I know we all think ours is the best, but I'll take my Navigon over a Garmin anyday, especially since the Garmin also comes with commericals using traffic reports.