Which is better the FM Traffic from Clear Channel or MSN Traffic?


Which is better the FM Traffic from Clear Channel or MSN Traffic? I have a Garmin Nuvi 680.

It all depends where you

It all depends where you live. I live in Canada, I heard MSN does not give you much Traffic info in Canada, no Gas prices etc. Clear Channel is good for traffic updates. MSN has extras if you are in US.

I bought 760 couple of weeks ago, so far I did not find FP Traffic alerts very useful. I have found out that if you are listing news and traffic radio in Car, you really don't need any of these.

It may be useful if I am out of my home city.

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A long running debate

You can probably find many threads that have discussed this here at the the POI Factory. Many like the MSN for its added data on gas prices and movie times, etc. If you want just to compare traffic data quality, I have yet to see a good side-by-side comparison. Complicating comparisons are the fact that the traffic networks are improving all the time, their quality may vary from city to city, and the range of the network can vary which may make a difference you drive on the fringes of the traffic area.

The consensus is that most people are happy with either service. You really can't go too wrong in most cases.

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MSN traffic with 680

kdeese wrote:

Which is better the FM Traffic from Clear Channel or MSN Traffic? I have a Garmin Nuvi 680.

The 680 comes with the MSN traffic receiver. I do not belive it can receive data from ClearChannel's FM traffic. As others have noted, it depends how you are going to use the unit. In my case, I just wanted traffic, so I returned my 680 for a 660.

Hope this helps...

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It should be able to

Since the traffic receiver is integrated into the charger, the 680 should be able to receive either signals (with the appropriate receiver/charger). The Garmin site does show that the GTM20 is compatible with the 6x0 series.

I copied this info from a

I copied this info from a review I was reading about about FM Traffic.Good tip.

I've discovered however that if the traffic avoidance box in the settings menu is checked, and if your route has moderate traffic delays the nuvi will route you around the high flow thoroughfares and onto surface streets. This is due to the fact that the flow on those streets are not monitored by the traffic service and therefore not reported as being delayed (unless there's a collision which is reported and does show on the Nuvi). The result is that the nuvi calculates them as the fastest route. This obviously isn't always the case in rush hour.

What I've done is turn off the automatic "avoid traffic" function in the settings menu. The nuvi then puts me on the shortest route, even if there is some traffic. It also immediately shows the delay time to the route. If during the trip a particular segment gets slow, I can then simply press an on screen avoid button that will route me around that specific slow spot, thus giving me the shortest and fastest route. Using this funtion is VERY easy.

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