Phoenix cameras starting on Friday


State officials have decided to let the contract for over 100 cameras in the Phoenix area. The foirst mobile cameras are due on Friday with the fixed cameras to be installed later. Those of us in the Valley...get ready to send in those new locations. grin

Sorry, Miss POI, you're going to have more work to do....

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They are now

phxpilot wrote:

It looks like the southbound new cameras haven't been activated yet as the warning signs are still covered. The one under the bridge is hard to see if your not looking for it.

Just drove past the southbound I17 cameras at Bethany Home rd and Indian School and they are now active. The signs have been uncovered and they are flashing. I don't think they are in the most recent file I downloaded though. FYI

those locations were added a

those locations were added a few weeks ago, time to update your file;)

Miss POI

Camera Locations and Speeds

The speeds keep seem to be changing. Sometimes 65 sometimes 55. They said they were going to set them to 65 but seems like every now and then they're set at 55. Better make sure we update speeds too.


All speeds on our file are current and accurate for PHX area, so if you have a doubt for a certain location you can check there.

Had Wrong File

miss poi wrote:

those locations were added a few weeks ago, time to update your file;)

Miss POI

Turns out I put an old file in my GPS instead of the latest that I had downloaded. Thanks

Wow, did anyone read the

Wow, did anyone read the comment on the link that someone posted about high school kids making copies of other's license plates and blowing through speeding/red light cameras? Since they go off license plates, that could feasilby work. I mean, I know for a fact I'm good enough with computer to forge almost any document (I don't know this, I just grew up in a generation that's computer savvy), and a license plate would be easy. Granted in person you'd be able to tell it was paper, but to a camera you could make a pretty good looking one. NOt to mention, you can go to any flea market and buy a novelty plate and stick it on the back of your car. In the end the ticketed person could get out of it most likely because it wouldn't match the car's description, but with these tickets it's guilty until proven innocent. On a limited-use basis these could be a very easy way for someone to get by these cameras (barring a real cop doesn't nab ya first).

I wonder what they'd do with cameras back in places like updstate NY if they ever were put into use. I know that it's law to have your plate snow-free, but sometimes on a long trip by the time I was done driving there was so much snow caked on to my plate you couldn't read even half of it. Now I live in AZ so I guess that won't be a problem, but it's something to ponder.

Keep in mind, the plates use

Keep in mind, the plates use reflective paint. Who cares about the cameras, but if the copper catches you, oh brother.

On another point, did anyone read today's AZ Republic showing the Govenor Jan Loser said she is probably going to let the contract with Redflew expire? It also said that only about 1/3 of the tickets are ever paid. Note to self, just ignore the tickets I guess...


I am sorry now I responded to contest the bogus 67mph ticket I got for merging onto a freeway. Was barely on, merging with traffic, when it went off! sad

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