Unusual Traffic Condition POI


Hi all!

I came up with an idea for a .POI file that I'd like to start but it will seriously depend on the community here to make or break the file similar to the RedLight camera .POI file, needs the community to work.

Well here's what I was thinking of, an "Unusual Traffic Condition's file". For instance, While driving yesterday My garmin wanted me to turn on to a small side street I turned into the left turn lane and started the process of waiting for a clear spot, when I noticed that there were time's that turning here would get you a ticket. There's no reason that I can discern as to why it's only legal between certain hours, except the cops sitting on the sides of the street here were already busy giving out a couple of tickets, told me that what ever the reason, they were serious about it. I was within the prohibited times so I got out and went another way. But it got me to thinking about the possibilities of this .POI file. as I have seen some strange things like a stop sign on a major interstate? or a stop sign, immediately following a blind corner.

This one kills me, Left handed "ON-Ramps" to the freeway, cuz lets face it not everyone knows how to accelerate to freeway speed then merge gracefully into traffic, No they get on at 30 and make everyone swerve to avoid hitting them. now Imagine that person getting on at 30 Mph. into the FAST LANE!?!?!

Or for example the Carpool interchange from the 57 freeway to the I-5 Freeway, there are accidents all the time there because majority of the time the 5 is parked.. and someone merging from the 57 has a sort of impaired view of the flow on the 5, if traffic is stopped. they usually have to apply much brake and either slide into the concrete guard rails or in to the person in front of them..

These are the kinds of things I was assuming would be in the file..

So, what does the community think of such a file? I'd be glad to maintain it. If the community wanted to help build it.



Thats a pretty interesting idea.

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Re: Interesting!!

Irish FX4 wrote:

Thats a pretty interesting idea.

Humm... Seems so far that you and I are apparently the only ones who think so smile

If you want to see the two on-ramps that I started this file with you can. smile


Plug those on in to google.. they are really freaky on-ramps.. it's ummm.. he he he quite startling when someone just all of a sudden appears from the left.