One 3rd Edition will not get GPS quick fix


Hey guys after my first One crapped out Tom Tom sent me another One only this has trouble getting GPS signal. My older unit would grab a signal almost instantly outside and quickly near windows now it takes minutes to get a signal in the car and I couldn't even grab a signal messing around on a bus yesterday (Straight Windows). I am noticing that the unit is not getting its GPS quick fix updates in Tom Tom Home only map share and Fuel Prices (which is inaccurate and a waste of 15 bucks)so I am wondering what I need to do should I reset the unit or is there a way to manually download the quick fix files I don't want to call Tom TOm because I am worried they are going to want me to ship this unit back to them on my own dime. Thanks for any help

Try this first...

Go to the TomTom site and upload the latest version of Home - just in case there was a glitch - and try to update your TT unit's SAT settings once again.

Before you do a 'reset' look on the TomTom Forums site - - for any solutions that may have been posted for that same problem.

Your last resort may be to contact TomTom again! sad


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Tried re-downloading Tom Tom

Tried re-downloading Tom Tom home it didn't work; so now I am going to yell at the retards working the phones for tom tom hopefully this isn't a unit problem which needs to be sent back this 100 dollar deal is a rip from I got no rebate (unit cost 120) then I had to ship it back to Tom Tom for 20 bucks and if I have to ship it back again I am going right over to garmin.


I'm pretty sure the CSR's who answer the phones at TomTom aren't retards, and if you yell at them, don't expect much help. YOU'RE the one who bought it from If you feel the need to yell at someone, yell at them.

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It is the Unit

I think it is the unit. I have the TT one 3rd gen. I am able to download the quick fix with now problems. I am enjoying this unit. I agree with CGY Guy. Talk with the PEOPLE at