Only Four Pages of POIs?


Is the TomTom One limited to four pages of POIs? I have run into instances (especially with restaurants) where the number of POIs in a particular area is very dense and I can only get about 1 or 2 miles radius. I would love to continue to browse further and further out. Is there a way around this limitation?


Don't know the answer myself...

...but you can look here as well: if you haven't already! smile


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I recently got my 730 and so

Although not a TomTom ONE, I recently got my 730 and so have been learning some of the finer points myself. It sounds like it is similar to your unit. I have not found a way to show more pages, but I did find that when you do a search for a POI, and the one you want is not listed on those four pages, you can enter a name (for example, of a restaurant) and it will start listing matches as you type. Not quite what I was hoping for when I purchased the unit, but it is a reasonable work-around.

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Not sure if Tom-Tom allows you to change locations if so you should get more poi's near you

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Is change from v6

I have the same problem on my 510. v6 application gave 11 pages x 9 =99 items, whilst v7 gives 4 x 6 =24. As a visitor to US it is a huge problem unless I stay with old v6 map and application. I have bought v7 map, and it is a big improvement in raleigh NC, but I have to use application v7 to run the v7 map.

I have decided that the only work-around is to stop using tomtom inbuilt poi, which has many unintereting restaurants, and which fill up the 24 items, and make a new combined poi with only the most interesting restaurants (nationwide) to me.

This is a laborious process, using inputs from many sites. I am dissapointed that TomTom should change their spec like this (unnanounced). With all the flexible adjustments they claim, they could at least have made it an option in preferences. I guess the system runs slower when more poi's are shown.