Reversing an Itineraries


I just created an itinerary with waypoints (so I would go a certain way). Is there an easy way to reverse the route like on Google Maps?


I don't think it is possible with Tomtom.

What you can do is making your itinerary with google maps, then you can reverse it.

Then you can convert your itinerary from google maps to tomtom .itn by this web site:
There you have all the necessary instructions.


I just used that link above to convert an intinerary for a trip. There is a major problem with it. It creates waypoints based ONLY on any changes you make to the original google maps route (so if you make none, there will be 2 points; start and finish). The PROBLEM IS: if google maps is using a part of the route that you want (you dont change it), your TomTom may not neccesarily use that route since the file doesn't have a waypoint through it, especially since the maps are not the same and neither is the software used to create routes.

It seems that one way to get around this is to click on random parts of the route in google maps to esablish waypoints even though they are not different from default route. But this can be REALLY tedious if you are planning a 500 mile trip. Is there any other way to export an exact route you see on google maps to your tomtom?