Not happy with TOM TOM XL-1


Whomever is responsible for the proper pronounciation of the English language needs a refresher. Not only has my Tom Tom failed when MOST needed on recent business trips 3 times in a row, due to a non functioning 12-Volt charger (or so they tell me, and have sent me a new one, not yet received in the mail), but the major cities in the USA are not pronounced correctly. Major cities like LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCO, SACRAMENTO, to name just a few, not to mention the mis-pronounciation of almost ALL the street names in Northern California. I cannot distinguish between what is SAID, and the proper name of an upcoming street or town. It is being SPOKEN in English, but CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD. I must READ the names of the towns, cities and streets directly off the GPS unit screen...and after 14 days of owning the TOM TOM GPS, I have been advised NO REFUNDS AFTER 14 DAYS OF PURCHASE ( I have owned it 16 days, which meant absolutely NOTHING to Customer Service.) I AM EXTREMELY DISATISFIED WITH THIS PRODUCT, AND WILL NOT EVER RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE !!! Signed, RIPPED OFF !!!


different voice?

You may want to try a different voice. I'm not famaliar with the Tomtom, but on the Garmins some voices are better than others at pronouncing certain names.

Me too!

When I first got my TT1 NE it worked great, but after a month or so the 12V in-car charger fried. When I did some research on I found that there was a problem with the 12V cords - I was advised to contact customer service and get an exchange. Guess what, I did and I got a new one in the mail. My One's been working great since! I have my One for 1.5 years now with no other complaints.

Good luck! wink


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OK, but flaky

I have had my TomTom One XL-S for about a month and a half and have been using the "Susan" voice. I agree that sometimes the pronunciations are off, but never to the degree that they are totally unintelligible. The most common problem that I have is that the speech will stutter when reading long street names.

I haven't had a problem with the charger yet. Thanks for the heads up though!

I've had mine for about 3

I've had mine for about 3 months and absolutely love it. Never had any problems that you mention, but with regards to the charger, I've been using the one I got fro Verizon because my phone also uses the mini USB port. Since it is such a generic port, you might consider getting a new 12v from somewhere else, probably a better one for even cheaper.

my charger also crapped out

my charger also crapped out after about 3 months or so, they sent me a new one about 2 weeks later and its worked fine ever since so hopefully you'll get yours soon