WebUpdater Updated 750 from v2.70 to 2.90


The upgrade took about 2 minutes to perform on the computer and then another 2 minutes to update the 750.
Have the 750 connected to your computer (mine is an iMac) and run the updater;
Next eject the icon(s) for your SD Card (The Garmin icon will automatically eject.)
Lastly, start up your 750 while disconnected and you'll see on your screen that it's installing the software.
Here is Garmin's statement:

"Changes from version 2.70 to version 2.90:
Corrected issue with Retail Map Update compatibility
Correct routing issue when using City Navigator Europe 2008 with certain MPC maps.
Correct issue on trip computer that could cause invalid speed/distance to be displayed. Trip computer will be reset."

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