Problems updating Firmware on Kna-G510


I was going to buy an SD card for my navigation unit (kna-g510) however I recently found out I can just take my laptop out to my car and connect to the hideaway unit via USB.

I have successfully loaded custom POIs, however I am unable to have the garmin unit recognize the firmware update.

Garmin’s website says to:

Insert SD card into computer, create folder called "garmin" and extract downloaded firmware into the "garmin" folder. Then insert SD card into navigation unit and power on. Then the garmin website says the unit will automatically recognize the firmware update and ask the user if it should install.


When I connect to the Navy Unit via USB there is a folder called "Garmin" I placed the extracted files into sub folder called garmin inside of gramin but that didn't work. I then extracted the files to the original folder, and that did not work either.

Do you think its possible to only load POIs via USB and not firmware updates? Any Help would be appreciated thanks in advance. - Mitch

It seems like you need to

It seems like you need to follow these instructions. It doesn't look like you can do it directly by USB.
From the Garmin update site ...

Instructions for using this software

1. Create a 'garmin' folder on an SD data card (must be at least 16mb space available on the card).
2. Download the appropriate self-extracting archive file onto your hard drive.
3. Run the downloaded executable file.
4. Click on Browse and select the SD card reader in the list, then select the 'garmin' folder.
5. Click Unzip to save the files onto the 'garmin' directory on the SD card.
6. Wait for the message that the update was unzipped successfully and close the updater.
7. Safely remove SD card from PC.
8. Make certain Hideaway Navigation System is off.
9. Insert SD card into Hideaway Navigation System. If there is already a card there, temporarily remove it.
10. Turn on Hideaway Navigation system.
11. Your Hideaway Navigation System will ask if you would like to update software. Answer 'Yes'.
12. The update will begin. Do not power off unit while the update is in progress. When finished you can verify the update by checking the version number in Menu->Settings->About->Software.
13. Remove SD card.

System requirements
* IBM-compatible PC running Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system and an available SD card reader.

Yes, I read those

Yes, I read those directions, but garmin also has similar specific directions to load custom POIs. However they can be loaded via USB very easily (I found out after trying).

Thats why I posted and asked if the members of this form thought that it was likely that POIs can be loaded via USB but the firmware update can not?

i have a kenwood with the g510. could use some help

I am new to this but am really getting into it. I want to load the new software and maps and pois into my navi and am excited. i understand how to load the firmware for navi with the sd card but dont understand ghow to do maps or poi. I dont mind using the sd card only but it seems you know what your doing with usb. A lil advice would be great. Also wheres the sd card slot located and usb port. mine is in my dash. would i have to pull my kenwood out????

the G510


If you do a search here (use G510) you'll find some conversation on the G510, not that the conversation will provide you an answer, But, you may be able to contact other owners of the G510.

Hopefully some of them will respond to your specific question. If you click a users name, you will see (hopefully) a contact tab at the top of the page. This means they are willing to have other users contact them via an email.

Perhaps mitchgt will be able to answer your question, or enable his "contact" tab.

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KNA-G510 FW woes

Motorcycle Mama wrote:

It seems like you need to follow these instructions. It doesn't look like you can do it directly by USB.

Just installed one of these in my wife's Grand Cherokee today (along with a Kenwood KVT-512). Having trouble updating the firmware as well

Motorcycle Mama wrote:

8. Make certain Hideaway Navigation System is off.
10. Turn on Hideaway Navigation system.

I think I need to contact Garmin and see exactly what they mean by this...How do you turn the NAV system "off" and "on"? Does that mean disabling the GPS from receiving a signal from the sats (I would guess setting it to "indoor")? Or does it mean unplugging the power source from the unit itself? That would seem like a PITA to do each time there's a FW upgrade released.

I've tried turning the car off, inserting the SD card and starting back up but the head unit just sits on a Garmin screen. Popping the SD card out it regains functionality. Also if I put the SD card in after the head unit is up and running (with the power plug removed from the GPS module) and then connect the power plug to the GPS module, it locks up all functions of the GPS. If I touch the screen it will beep but not go to the desired screen. Pop the SD card out after touching something on the screen and it jumps right to the screen for whatever you touched.

I'm also thinking that maybe the GPS doesn't recognize a SDHC card. The SD card I'm using is a 4GB SDHC (high capacity SD) from my digital camera. Only other one I have laying around is a 16MB card. I might give that a try if the upgrade file will fit on it.


did you get it to work. ive been having the same problem and can't get it to work.

Finally figured this out

Finally figured this out folks, I went and bought a new Scan Disk SD card (not SDHC or MicroSD/SD cuz those won't work for some reason) but a regular SD card will do the job. The directions on the Garmin website listed above are correct and worked for me no further problems. I downloaded file, created "garmin" folder on SD, unzipped update to this folder (which is only one file), removed card from PC, put in KNA G510 slot with car and all units off. Turned car to ACC position to turn my DDX 6019 Headunit on and and switched to nav screen where it loaded update and ask me if I wanted to install new update ver. 4.00. Selected YES and took a minute or two to convert and reboot. Last I checked the settings, about, and software ver. to see my update from 2.80 to the new 4.00. Some head units will need a kenwood update from their website proir to KNA firmware update so check that out first.


I did get the G510 in my Camry to update today. Bought a 2GB SD card (not SDHC or "Ultra"...just the cheapest 2GB SD card Staples had). Came home, it was already formatted to FAT. Created a "garmin" folder on the card. Ran the update executable, KNASeries_410.exe which is just an executable zip file. Pointed it to "garmin" folder on the SD card in my laptop and let it extract. Opened up the dash in the Camry so I could access the G510, stuck the card in and turned the ignition on. Update ran....very quick too. Too quick, I thought, but when it rebooted, it showed the new sw rev to be 4.10.

Pulled the SD card, came back in and reformatted it to wipe the update off the card. Created the "garmin" folder again. Ran POI Loader, pointed it to my source files and let it create the master poi file. Copied that from my laptop to the SD card. Went back out to the car, put in the card, started it up. Went to the GPS screen, it recognized new POIs and asked if I wanted to load them. Sure! So, now I have my unit updated and custom POIs loaded (which I tried many times before the update with zero success). Pretty decent day.

(Still need to get the G510 in my wife's Grand Cherokee's a bit more hidden and requires a little more work to get to the access door of the hideaway unit.)

Firmware and SDHC

I thought yall would like to know that the latest firmware 4.10 now adds SDHC card support!! I have confirmed that it now works fine even with a 4gb SDHC Micro card in an SD adapter!

kenwood kvt 512 upate

wow i didnt relise this unit was this old ..but seen you say you got it to update i still trying get mine to i put my sd card in tried 4 and it just freezes up my screen and also you said something about you ran Ran POI Loader and put it on the garmin file where did u find these files at not even sure if you have this unit i got mine off a friend didnt no was this old lol

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