Alert Prompt is Too Late To Alert Me


My StreetPilot c340 is too late to alert me to make a street turn. When it alert me to make a turn, I'm already on the street where I'm supposed to make a turn. The text to speech function become useless because I have to look at my GPSr unit what next street to turn. Is there anybody have the same problem? Is there any fix for this? I already looked on my unit if there's something I can make adjustment but can't find nothing.

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Some people say using

Some people say using another voice helps. Try using Jack.

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Also, try a 2D mode instead of the 3D mode.

turn alert

I have a c340 and have no problem on getting enough notice for a turn.Using Jill voice.Make sure you have all the latest updates for the GPS.Use the webupdater to check Just returned back from Florida about 800 miles and all was well with the unit. You may want to give Garmin a call if no changes noted after getting any updates you need.

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I use 2D mode with Jill on a

I use 2D mode with Jill on a nuvi 350 and to be honest, it tells me to turn a bit too earlier.

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