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The existing POI file for Applebee's says it is for all of USA. When I check it I only see locations for Southern USA. Is part of the file missing. Per Applebee's website they have about 1000 locations. This existing file only has about 500.



That is because it is hard to get all location on some sites because you can only find them if you use a zip code or a city within a state. Then they only show a certian mileage away. I know in google earth you can get more but I have had it give me ones in a different state when I try it state by state. Others will have some better ideals on this one.

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I am on it.

I have a call out to Applebee's and will try to work with them on getting a data file put together for us.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Some of these search engines on these sites are just not conducive to being geocoded easily

Miss POI

Applebee's missing locations

All locations north of Latitude 36.10000 are missing.
Latitude 36.10000 is around Nashville. Thought that whoever downloaded the file may have missed page 2 or second half of their file.
again thanks for quick response.


Is there any progress on

Is there any progress on this? I was just curious as my wife love's applebees and we happen to live north of the stated cutoff line. I appreciate all the hard work you folks put in!

I'm in New Hampshire and I see this, too

There are plenty of Applebee's in New England, yet none of them show up on this 'U.S.' list. In fact, the closest one listed is close to 400 miles away.

It would be a nice trend to see if restaurants put their own POI files on their web sites as a download. The incremental business gained by doing this would more than cover the cost of the effort. And in this economy, restaurants need all the incremental business they can muster.

Applebee's Project

I am slowly pugging away at updating the Applebee's files (CSV & GPX) for the US
I have also created Applebee's file (CSV and GPX) for Canada

I am posting the process as I am workin on it here:

Update: December 12, 2008
Entries: 969

Completed search and coding for AZ CA CO CT DE NY

Added 11(AZ) 73(CA) 36(CO) 14(CT) 14(DE) 107(NY) locations.
All were coded to address accuracy.

Update: December 12, 2008
Completed search and coding for AK, AL and AR
Added 2(AK), 9(AL) and 4(AR) locations.
All were coded to address accuracy except
2090 Us Hwy-280, Smiths Station, AL (Street)

Update: December 11, 2008
I emailed the company but they were no help. I was able to track down and code 81 locations in PA.
Most were geocoded to Address accuracy. These two were coded to street accuracy:
Applebee's - Bristol PA (2 W Rd Newtown Twp)
Applebee's - Bethlehem PA (Catasauqua Rd Rt 22)

Update: December 7, 2008
This project is now being managed by Perrdom
Here Is The Applebees Restaurant Poi For The Whole US

I have added the City and State (Gathered from Google Maps and Phone number earch).
I have reformated the file and sorted it by STATE, CITY, STREET.
All names were made to be unique.
I have added the entries that were submitted up to "Sat, 12/06/2008 - 10:06am"
Sinclac edited the file on 2-04-08 and added more locations for the Sacramento area.

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