Poll - How many still use paper maps?


I never use paper maps, it is either my garmin or some type of digital maps (ie. mapquest, google maps, etc). Just wondered if anyone uses paper maps.

2:48PM 03-16-2008
If I counted it right,

Paper Maps (doesn't include print outs from eletronic sources)???

Yes - 34
-No - 31

As of the above date, I have quit keeping track. It looks like the answer is Yes (even if is just for backup). It was a close one though.

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paper maps in here somewhere

Haven't used them in a long time (just after getting the 1st gps. I like to check long distance routes on the computer prior and compare to where the garmin likes to go then choose which one I prefer. Still have the paper maps in the vehicle like the idea to use to hide the gps though.

Back-up GPSr

flaco wrote:

My backup for street navigating with my Nuvi on far away trips is another GPSr ....

My back-up for my Nüvi 750 is the Nüvi 350. I just need to remember to pack it on long trips.

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Paper Maps to see the whole trip

I seldom look at a paper map any more, but once in awhile I like to look at them to see the route that Garmin is sending me on. I might see an interesting side trip and code that into the GPS.

I plan to live forever. So far, so good.

Need 'em

I love maps... all kinds. Have them framed in my house even. Must be the traveler in me. May not use them to navigate much anymore; however, I'd never get rid of them. Hell, I still have my slide rule from school!


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I never use paper maps. I don't like the look or feel of them. I guess I am just a digital guy.

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Of course I use paper maps, I have a atlas in the pocket on the back of my seat. Sometimes it's easier to get a quick look for a interchange way down the road.

I have all the toys, paper is still "the paper trail".

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No more maps

If I don't have my 650, I use Google maps on my Blackberry.

Paper map? What's that?

Paper map? What's that? LOL!!! I'm relying on GPS all the way...

Since I've only had my Nuvi

Since I've only had my Nuvi 750 for a few months I still have some paper maps lingering in the car. I think I'll keep them there for a while longer since the new map may have things not on the Garmin. smile

Paper maps ??

Yip, I use paper maps in conjunction with my C-340 GPS. Lot of times I know more about some areas close better than my GPS. Some new roads have been added that i know wont be in the GPS yet. So, for probably a few years to come, a map will be used as a tool, like my GPS is a tool, all of which adds to a more pleasurable ride to whereever.

Unless you are the lead sled dog, the view never changes. I is retard... every day is Saturday! I still use the Garmin 3590 LMT even tho I upgraded to the Garmin 61 LMT. Bigger screen is not always better in my opinion.


in May 2008 went to Orlando for vacation and never took a paper map it was all on the Garmin.

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I agree

It is nice to have paper maps as a reference. The weak link of a GPS is its ability to give you a detailed view of the big picture. Paper maps come in handy for motorcycle use where you want to find all of the back roads from point A to point B. If you are in a car driving from Chicago to Atlanta you can easily live with just a GPS.

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Nuvi only. I think I still

Nuvi only. I think I still have some paper maps in the car, but I have not looked at a paper map in years. I occasionally preview trips in Mapsource or Mapquest, but most of the time I use the Nuvi overview and pan/zoom to preview (select animated pane that appears from behind GO).

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A lot

I am still using papermaps a lot. Mostly scanned to digital maps and used in a PDA with GPS. The maps are not routeable, but fun to have next to my routeable GPS maps.

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paper maps

Yes I still use them as backup.


I'll use paper maps

I'll use paper maps occasionally for planning purposes (I find it quicker for the "big picture"). I do try to keep a reasonably current road atlas around.
If possible, I'll take a paper map with me for back-up.
Otherwise, it's pretty much all computer & GPS.

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Yes, I use paper maps . . .

Primarily I depend on my GPS, but I still have paper maps as a backup and for a total overview of the area where I am traveling. Paper maps are very useful. If you totally depend on your GPS and the GPS fails, loses power, etc, then you have a map as a backup. Also I find maps more useful for routing around heavily traffic congestion caused by wrecks or construction. Although I mainly depend on my GPS, paper maps are an invaluable resource while traveling.

paper maps

Yes i still do but not for navigation. If i have a lot of addresses in one county i do a base map so i can see the locations. Since I dont have route planning on the 260W I have to manually put them in using via points. So I have to use the base map to determine the order of entry.

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Garmin, Mapsource, Google Earth

I never use anything paper that I don't have to. I am 63 and am trying to get my friends to see how great technology is but they are still in the dark ages!!

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Paper maps

I'm using paper maps for my long motorcycle trip (13 states) then transferring that info to my GPS. I want no expressways and as many twisty winding roads as I can find so paper maps with google maps if needed are my primary route finding tools.

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I'. sorry..but

I wouldn't leave home more then 75 miles or so with out my paper maps.

Only as a back up

I keep a couple of paper maps in the car in case I can't get a clear signal

paper maps

Always use paper maps to plan the trip and then take them for "large overview" of areas of interest. Everytime I travel out of province I get paper maps that are 1 year old or newer (CAA provides!)

As my Nuvi 360 doesn't hvae waypoints, I use paper maps to find intersections along the orute and pre-programme them as separate POI waypoint file!


Use what?

Use what?

Paper Maps

I keep a road atlas with all states in the car as a backup & to see the large area that is being traversed. You simply can't do that with any detail on the Garmin because of the screen size.

Also, when heading thru unfamiliar territory, it's useful as a check. Once in awhile, my Garmin 350, locks up (once or twice a year) & needs a reset. It's comforting in those times, while heading somewhere new to use quickly.


Glad to say No paper maps

Glad to say No paper maps here...

Paper Maps

I don't use them any more but my wife does. She likes to check the accuracy of the GPS. In her mind anything with a button on it or screen control is suspect.

How many still use paper maps ?

what's a paper map ?

seriously my wife can't read a map to save her life & i can't drive & have a map floating in front of my face while driving. i set my gps & drive :>)

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Go Green!!!!

Go Green. no paper maps. use the Nuvi !!!!

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Have used AAA maps.

That was one of the few uses we got out of the menbership. Now they've changed the "Trip Tik" to the point it's almost useless. My wife likes them as a supplement to the Nuvi to see the big picture and so she can follow around big towns. I may have to droo my membership.

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The use of paper maps

I have my garmin 670 which has the European maps also. With that I don`t use paper maps, but I always have a paper map in the car just in case. Electronics are much easier to consult than paper ones, but in a emergency paper maps are a life saver.

This summer I am going on holidays to Florida and I bought the map Along I-75 which is a very good addition to this trip. This book has history, exit information about what is available, where you can eat, sleep, gas stations, and where police usually hide, and much, much more information.

This book is limited to the I-75 ( From Detroit to the Florida Border )with some side trips of important sites along the way

Gps! ask where to go and get there! Best of all, what we need is to have accurate pois to reach all destinations

no paper maps for me !!

I use my GPS most times, and when I need a map, I will just just my phone or Computer to find a map online and go from there.. With all this tech out there, really no reason to have paper anything any longer. I opt for everything paperless, from Letter (use PDF file now) all the way to paperless billing methods.

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Paper maps

As a retired person, I travel a lot in the US. Use my Garmin for all driving, but study new places to explore by browsing Michellen Map Book.

I use them

If I want to see the overall picture of an area, I use the paper map because I am used to it. If I want to get there, I use my GPS and now, with route ability, I may try to route via my POIs with the paper map as a reference. I believe both have a use. I can always guarantee the GPS will get me where I am going but I like the security of having a paper map also.

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I keep them in the

I keep them in the car...only as a backup. Never had to use them....yet.

As Backup and to see the big picture

I have an atlas in the car as backup and to see the big picture easily.

I used it recently when I decided to take a "scenic" route; I trusted that the nuvi would get us to our destination but I wanted to see the big picture to know how far out of the way we were going.


gerrydrake wrote:

I keep them in the car...only as a backup. Never had to use them....yet.

Same here.

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Always have a backup. Satelites might not available in some area

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Depends on how you mean 'use'

I do have paper maps in my car and my husband's truck, but we have only used them twice in the last 6 years. Other than that, we use Map Quest or some on-line map service, or our Garmin (purchased Christmas 2007).

I suppose we 'use' them as back up, just like keeping a box of matches and fire starting material in the car.

Sort of...

Hey all,

Like many, I have some in the vehicle, though I haven't used them since getting my Garmin.

I do however still use the CAA/AAA travel guides/maps to look at what's around the area I'm passing through, then I add them as POIs to my garmin and away I go smile

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My Garmin fell off the cradle

When my Garmin fell off the cradle I realized I didn't have any maps as backup in case it quits working or fall and breaks. I create a general mapquest map of my trip to have in case I need a backup. Otherwise I don't use maps anymore. With a GPS you don't need them. Thank God!

I tripped going up the escalator and I fell for an hour and a half!

Define use

I collect them. I have collected them for many years and will ocassionally use one to take a road that has been removed from the maps to see if it is still usable.


For long trips I check with

For long trips I check with an atlas. I still have my paper maps stored in my car as a back up too. I have not used the maps in my car for over 2 years, but I like knowing there available. Technology does not always work. Paper is always working.


Definitely use them for the big picture overview that you just can't get from the GPS. I still like to peruse a map as it's amazing what out of the way places you can find that you might want to visit or take a side trip to.

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I burned all my paper maps

I burned all my paper maps shortly after I got my NUVI..........haven't even looked back.


My navigator still prefers paper maps for the overall view of the trip. She likes to see what is off the GPS track incase we need to do a side trip.

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What's a paper map?

What's a paper map? smile

Surprised at how many feel it's "either-or"

I'm really surprised at how many are taking a "paper is obsolete" attitude. Neither one replaces the other, they are entirely complimentary. The paper map shows an instant big view of the entire trip at a glance that cannot be accomplished on the GPS in any fashion whatsoever. And the GPS shows the close-in detail that the map simply does not have, plus all the turn by turn navigation, POI and where am I convenience.

The two complement each other on big trips perfectly. To each their own, I guess.


I use both for the reasons stated above. Right on!

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Paper Shmaper

Honestly, I never really cared a whole lot for paper maps. Now that I've got my Garmin, I never even look at them. laugh out loud

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