A plug for the rest area POI File


I don't download many POI files, but after my last trip, I'm going to download the rest area poi file. My wife and I usually bypass rest areas and use the restrooms when we stop for food or gas, but this weekend we drove from Dallas to Nashville and took our dogs. They needed to use the rest areas more than we did so I was always looking for where they were. I hadn't realized how many rest areas had been closed and torn down since I got my Garmin. Luckily there were a few new ones in Arkansas which made the dogs happy.

Next trip with them, I'll be prepared and have an up-to-date list of rest areas!

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Great POI

This is a great POI. It is a staple on my 760 and I set mine for 7250 feet to allow ample time to pull over when I travel with the fam. we usually go from AL back home to OH. great on those 13+ hour drives.

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I agree!

This is a very useful POI - I have my alert set for 2 miles which works for us.

Kudos to MrKenFL for keeping this file up to date.

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Great File!

I completely agree.

I initially had my alert distance set to 2 miles as several have recommended here. But after using it that way for some time, I found that the audio file speaking "rest area ahead" would repeat 3 or 4 times as I approached each rest area. It got quite annoying (especially for my wife).

Recently, I started to load the file with only a 1 mile alert to cut down on the number of times the audio alert would play.

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Great file

I'm heading to Massachusetts this weekend and I will make sure I have the most updated version for the trip.

Love it

I love that file. I set my alert for 2 miles. It usually sounds at 2 miles and again at 1 mile. It really helps to know when one is coming up and sometimes I can miss the roadside sign due to trucks and such blocking my view.

When I get an alert we can determine if we need to stop and also check the file to see how far it is to the next rest area. Sometimes that helps my wife to decide if she wants to stop NOW or not.

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I have a Nuvi765...how do I set the alert distance? Also, how do I set the .wav file to play upon alert? Can someone walk me through it?

Replaced abbreviations

I have a copy for my dad's NUVI. I replaced many of the abbreviations (ie restroom instead of RR) to make it easier for him. What I really like is that you don't have to navigate to them but just bring up the list and see how far it is until the next stop

Be Careful

It appears that VA and other states are closing many rest areas to save money so be sure your POI files are updated.

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The latest revision

The latest Version "O" of the Rest Areas combined file has all the latest closures removed from the file. 17 closures were in VA.

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To set Alerts

volunteer1816 wrote:

I have a Nuvi765...how do I set the alert distance? Also, how do I set the .wav file to play upon alert? Can someone walk me through it?

The alerts are set when you load the file from POIloader to your Nuvi. You need to use manual mode in POIloader to set the alert. The alert mp3 or wav file must be in the same directory on your PC as the actual POI file and have exactly the same name with the exception of the file extension (gpx or csv and wav or mp3). If it is the wav will be automatically incorporated into the compiled POI file on the Nuvi or it's SD card (Garmin/POI/POI.GPI)

A good place to start to understand all this stuff is the getting started and FAQ section which have links at the top of each page of this forum.

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Thanks for the Rest Areas POI

This POI came in real handy on my last trip. I set the alert at around 5 miles because I didn't use highways and sometimes it was worth my time to get on a highway and use the rest area.

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On the top of my list

My thanks to MrKenFL for maintaining this file for us. He is very prompt on adding and subtracting from the list as we send him updates which makes this file very useful.

If you come across any that are closed, try to verify if this is temporary or permanent and then send in the updates. It seems that many are being closed permanently as it costs too much to maintain some of these rest areas.

Initially I set my alerts at 7,000' feet, but found with use that 5,000' works good for me. Guess that depends a lot on how fast one drives and what lane you hang out in.

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Good to know. thanks.

Good to know. thanks.

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