Poll - How many still use paper maps?


I never use paper maps, it is either my garmin or some type of digital maps (ie. mapquest, google maps, etc). Just wondered if anyone uses paper maps.

2:48PM 03-16-2008
If I counted it right,

Paper Maps (doesn't include print outs from eletronic sources)???

Yes - 34
-No - 31

As of the above date, I have quit keeping track. It looks like the answer is Yes (even if is just for backup). It was a close one though.

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I haven't used a paper map in almost a year now.

a paper map in almost a year now. Mostly, I just use my C330.

Not doing anything worth a darn.

Yes. I absolutely do on a

Yes. I absolutely do on a rare occasion. I won't give them up. Though I proably won't update them nearly as often as I will my Garmin.

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Paper -- What For?

My last 2 long trips were 5,600 miles touring all over the Midwest and 4,100 miles touring through the Carolinas and the Southeast. Both covering multiple cities and numerous attractions. Both without maps.

Avoiding the paper and using the Garmin saves an enormous amount of time.

Plan B = Road Atlas

I keep a Rand McNalley Road Atlas in each vehicle as backup. I like the idea of getting the "big picture" of a trip. Our State Farm agent gives them to us if we ask.

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PS On The Paper Question.

I'm very good at reading maps; but, if my Garmin was lost or stolen on the the road, I wouldn't consider buying a map---I'd just head for the nearest electronics store and buy another one!

Me, too

I echo HappyJack's sentiments. I also enjoy looking at a paper map and getting the big picture.
Now, having said that, it doesn't even occur to me anymore to print directions to someplace I haven't been before. I just trust Roxy to get me there, and she hasn't let me down yet.

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I use a paper..

Yes I use a paper map as a back-up. If I'm going on a long trip, I've found that straying off the GPS's calculated route sometimes will save me a significant amount of time. Also, what happens if the gps is lost or stolen? How are you going to remember where to go etc. I'm a long term thinker and I always like to have a back-up plan.... That's just little ole' me.

We also

We also keep a map for each state that we will be travelling thru in our trip folder in the car. My Better Half likes to peruse the maps to see what might be close by to where we are travelling.

But, I also have a back-up GPS as I own a C330 and a C340. We only take the 2nd one on our long trips!

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Of course

Paper maps? I don't use them much anymore but I still print them off mapquest before heading on a journey. Why? Well, Nuvi has let me down... sniff sniff... a few times. Once we were driving in the mountains at night ( for dramatic effect I could lie and state that their was pouring rain, howling winds and wild animals on the loose... ) and the screen went dark. That was it for Nuvi. Garmin sent me a refurbished one a few months later. I was lucky I still had an outdated paper one in the glove compartment. Just like any good Microsoft Windows user knows, it's always good to have a backup. I'd hate to think what would've happened to us with all those wild animals on the loose if we hadn't had that paper copy. smile

I do for cross country trips

I do for cross country trips and to find national parks, etc.

Go Blackhawks

After a year or so on GPS,

After a year or so on GPS, I'm back to paper. Make more sense lot of the time

I use one when trying to

I use one when trying to plan a road trip.

Only GPS

Use my new 750 only. No more paper for me!

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I Need To

I only use the paper maps or Atlas when there is an accident on the highway and i need to know where i can go from one exit to another to get back on pass the accident it is easy for a car but not with a Semi so even with the GPS You still need to look at the Atlas

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Gave up the paper after a trip to Detroit 3 years ago. Map got me lost GPS got me home. All had to do with construction but none the less the GPS bailed me out

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I double check on paper maps the route the Nuvi gives me...

...and find that I like to over rule it a fair amount of time. It's too addicted to interstates, and sometimes taking state or other local routes makes more sense, and can cut many miles off a trip. Re-programming its choices, by telling it where to take me, by way of intersecting routes and the like is quite helpful.


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Yup, still use them. I plan

Yup, still use them. I plan my routes online and print them out and I keep the real maps in the trunk. GPS are electronics which are prone to failure. Always have a Plan B.


paper maps

what is that ?

i rely on my nuvi760 100% and has never failed me (yet)

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Don't use the maps anymore

Don't use the maps anymore but do keep a Road Atlas in the car just in case the unit goes bad when a 1000 miles or so from home.

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Put me down for no...

Put me down for no...


Maps............hate them.....too hard to read & drive....lol

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Paper? Isn't this

Paper? Isn't this 2008?

OLED maybe

No Paper Maps

Have not used paper maps in over 5 years. It's either internet maps or GPS maps.

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Do directions created on

Do directions created on Google Maps count? I use them sometimes when my Garmin doesn't find an address or if someone needs directions and they don't have a GPS unit.

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Only when I need...

To keep the truckers on their toes.. confirming routes and such.. The big truckers atlasis the best one and I only use it at work.

NEVER use a paper map

I don't even own an atlas anymore.
....and I travel alot....to places I'm not all familiar with. Common sense and my Streetpilot have never failed me yet.

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I love good maps

asianfire wrote:

I never use paper maps, it is either my garmin or some type of digital maps (ie. mapquest, google maps, etc). Just wondered if anyone uses paper maps.


Yes - 0
No - 2

Dear AF,

I love having good maps around. I have one for a 75-mile radius from NYC, which gives me a great picture of many travels for me. Another one I have is a street map for NYC. I have a very nice JIMAPCO book road atlas of New York State. That one gives me a great overview for when I am visiting friends and family in central and western New York State. I also carry a street map of Syracuse.

I just love maps and find them extremely useful. I bought my first GPS (Nuvi 650) three and a half months ago and think it is great too. It does not replace my maps.


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use of maps

I havent used a map since I purchased my first gps 3 years back. At times the gps provided wrong info but who cares; I can't get lost! My wife gets car sick when she reads a map while I'm driving and I found it difficult to navigate from a map while traveling 70 mph. Cheers for the gps era!


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Using Paper Maps

I use a road atlas sometimes when planning a trip as it helps to see what towns are on the route in order to plan a stopover after driving so many miles a day. I use my MS S&T most part as I only got my 660 for christmas and haven't been anywhere yet.

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Only when I run out of toilet paper.

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a vote for maps

Never start a trip without one... CAA gave out a 8x10 size NA booklet a few years ago.... great backup or reference material.

which brings to mind a story... returning from BC via Northern USA in prehistoric time before GPS. Noticed that Beartooth Pass, MT, was almost 11,000 ft.

Drove 350 miles out of my way to drive over the pass just for the heck of it. Had never driven anything at that altitude.

If I had been on a GPS would never even come close to it.

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Paper Maps???

The only paper maps I use are MapSource print outs from the computer.

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I mainly use the GPS to get me where I need to go and I generally plan my routes on the PC.
But, I do carry a map with me to get the "big picture" and as a backup.

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use both

When i get ready to go on a trip i will use the paper map for the BIG picture and compare with the nuvi to check the difference.

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I haven't used a paper map

I haven't used a paper map in quite a long time, but I still keep them around, especially on long road trips, just to be safe.

I'll never give up paper

I love maps. Whether a map is electronic or on paper, its still a map to me. But just like the feel of a paperback book in my hands is something special, so is a paper map.

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Wow, it is dead even

If I counted it right, it is dead even.

Paper Maps (doesn't include print outs from eletronic sources)

Yes - 18
-No - 18

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Collect Maps

My dad used to collect maps from many different states and historic areas. It used to be fun looking through them. I still have a place in my heart and memory for paper maps, but love my Garmin too!

So I take that as a Yes.

So I take that as a Yes.

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Haven't touched a paper map since I got my GPS.

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Only for Reference

LSchwabe wrote:

Haven't touched a paper map since I got my GPS.

It is nice to see the big picture WITH A MAP when going on a trip, but the GPS is very reliable and can't go on a trip without one.


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Running total is at the top of the page

Running total is at the top of the page, so far dead even again 20/20

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at home paper maps....

when I might be looking at a new area. but in the car...GPS all the way.

Maps in trunk

I rely on either my Honda Navi system or my Nuvi 750. I carry a Rand road atlas in the trunk, but I think it's a bit outdated. I've never used it...


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GPS units are WOEFULLY inadequate at giving the BIG picture>>>

I always keep an road atlas available. So 22-21 now smile

Regards, Ted

"You can't get there from here"

Yeap, still close. I can

Yeap, still close. I can definately see the advantage of a big paper map to see the "Whole Picture".

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I haven't used maps in a year. I havemade several trips one of 7,000 miles no probs.


Noted-also posted to know

Noted-also posted to know where I left off...lol. Back to dead even 22/22

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not recently - paper maps

Since i got my garmin a month ago, I haven't had a chance to read the paper maps that I used to......


The map is dead...

long live my Nuvi 260. I look at electronic maps to pick a place to go and just head in that direction. I rely on the gps receiver to get me in tight when I get close.

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