Garmin Nuvi 780 wirh MSN Direct V2


I didn't see this posted yet, but Garmin is coming out with a new Unit with MSN direct V2. It looks pretty cool with the enhanced features.

"The capabilities of the MSN Direct v2 include the following items; traffic conditions, fuel prices, weather reports, enhanced movie info, local events, news headlines, stocks, and the most important item being "send to GPS" capability. Send to GPS lets anyone send location information and routing plans over the internet to their device sitting comfortable inside their parked car."

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It has been out for a while

It has been out for a while now. I upgraded my 760 when it first was available. Yes, the ability to send addresses to your gpsr via your computer is fantastic.

nuvi 760

i love my 760 it has so many features that it will take some time to get to know all nuances. the gas price is pretty useful nowadays ( althogh some prices are 2-3day old so that price can be way off).
Where am i now, last position , local events are very useful

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