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Does anyone know if there is a specific link (other than the generic support link) or e-mail address to send suggestions to Garmin?
It looks like there are many great ideas on this forum that might never be seen by Garmin even though they may look at this site occasionally.

Can't find any

I did some looking but can't find any. Many consumer products companies make it difficult to learn those inside names and links. I was trying to find a name and email address for their VP Engineering.

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I have contacted Garmin

I have contacted Garmin support several times at and written up my suggestion using the email contact and asked them to pass on for a update or a change to the right dept.In every case they have done so.My hopes is that customer suggestions will be make way for changes.

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Thanks for the link! Hopefully customer demand for innovations will enable Garmin to increase the feature set in the GPS units of the future while still retaining their simplicity of use.

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