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I just got a Nuvi 200, and so far I love it. I've noticed some screenshots on some of the postings for extra vehcile files, where you can see the vehicles in "side view" on the maps (in both 2-D and 3-D views). I've also seen a litte "N" arrow on the screenshots indicating which way is North. I can't get those things to appear on my unit. In every view, I only get a top-down view of my vehicle -- not a side view. And I've never seen the "N" arrow. Are those things only available on other models?

you'll have to use it in

you'll have to use it in "North Up" mode to see this. currently, you have your unit in "Track Up" mode.

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also the 2xx models are

also the 2xx models are limited as to what vehicles come with it

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You can...

asianfire wrote:

also the 2xx models are limited as to what vehicles come with it

You can still download any vehicle you want and install it just by dropping it into the vehicle folder in the unit. I use one from a German site on my 260, but I have a couple of Batmobiles and a few others on my PC that I will load up when I'm in the mood.

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FYI...the 200 is "memory

FYI...the 200 is "memory challenged", and you may need to delete some languages (or other files) to make more room.

BUT BE CAREFUL REMOVING THINGS WILLY-NILLY, as that's a sure way to get to know Garmin support smile

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You may download more vehicle icons from here:

Good luck!

Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the suggestions ... but these ideas do not address or solve my original questions. I already know how to download new vehicles (I am currently using the "Yellow Submarine"!). I've also tried the "North Up" view, as well as the "Track Up" and "3D" views. I've even tried zooming in and out on each of those 3 views. In every case, I only see a top-down view of my vehicle's roof! The only place I can see a side view is in the Settings Screen where you actually choose vehicles. Each one spins around to show you animated 360 degree views. But once they are on the actual map, I only get the birds-eye top-down view! I'm beginning to suspect that it's a limitation of the Nuvi 200. Perhaps other models show different views of the vehicles on the maps?

I've also NEVER seen the "N" symbol on any of my maps that are shown on screenshots on AARRGGHH's site. Check out the following link to see those screenshots, which include both the vehicle side-views on a 3-D map, and the "N" symbols: