How do you change poi icon clarity?


Hi,first time asking a Question on here.I'm not to experienced with bmps.I'm wondering if i can make the clarity any better.I like the smaller 16 x 16.I've got snagit editor from vista to play with.I'd appreciate the help thanks.mark42.


Open your icon with snagit as you would normally.
On the top nav, click on Image and select resize canvas. Edit the window to the left and type in the fields 16 x 16. Then save your changes and your all done.

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Thanks Bandaid

Thanks Bandaid,I did that and it worked great,but the icons are still a bit fuzzy and I'm trying to make them clearer.

To clear the fuzziness you

To clear the fuzziness you can try Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop. If you don't have these or don't have the knowledge on how to use the software, I don't mind taking a little timeout to try to clear it up for you. I'll send you and email that will have my email address which you can send me the file to edit.

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Found old photo program

Thanks for the help,but i needed to figure out what to do with future icons I snag.You gave me a good idea Though.I found an old roxio photo progam with a photo doctor in it.I'm going to try it out tomorrow because it's time for bed.Thank Bandaid.mark42

The old addage

Graphics are no different than anything else, garbage in is garbage out. Of coarse that is not necessarily a knock of the graphic your using. But resizing a fuzzy graphic just gives you a smaller fuzzy graphic.

your better off starting with your own or a clean clear graphic to start with.


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