Computer Down


I am looking for more information on creating a POI. My computer has been down for a week (seems like months). I have forgotten all that everyone has sent.

Any file help would be much appreciated.


Welcome (back) to the site.

Be sure to click on the getting started and faqs sections linked at the top of each page.

Check out this page to see the proper format for the POI files.

Here's the faq page for making POI files.

Here's the faq page for obtaining the coordinates of an address.

The best thing to do is to download a file and take a look at what one looks like. You can open the CSV files in either Notepad or Microsoft Excel.

welcome back

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You can also click on [My account] and on the [Track] tab and see what discussion you have been active and re-read the replies others have given to you previous questions.

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Wow - Ya'll responded quick. Thanks!