Is there a combined POI file available for Download?


I know many would have asked this question before me.... mrgreen

Instead of downloading individual POI files, is there a combined POI file available, which I can download and synch my GPS, which takes care of everything?

Will that slow down my GPS?

Thanks, - Deepu


No, there isn't. And you probably wouldn't really want that anyway.

The file would be huge. It would be difficult to manage and would likely contain a bunch of stuff that you have no interest in.

Once you start taking a look at the files, you will find that it's not too difficult nor time consuming to select the ones you want.

Many GPSs Have Limits

I know my Nuvi can only take 5,000 POIs. I am sure most GPSs have a similar limit.

Out of the 1,000s of POI files, with over 1,000,000 POIs, I am pretty sure your GPS would choke on the complete set.

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Also the POI here could be a

Also the POI here could be a duplicate of what exist on yout pre-installed POI.

I recommend that you only load what you need.