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TomTom | POI Factory Camera Files | Installing

The Red Light and Speed Camera files are delivered as CSV (comma separated value) files and must be converted to the OV2 file format before installing them on your TomTom device.

TomTom POI Files | How to display Multi-line descriptions and Phone numbers in TomTom

This post addresses using custom POI files with multi-line descriptions and phone numbers in TomTom, and addresses how to get it all to display and how to make sure the number dials properly. If this info is already available on this board, I apologize (my search didn't find similar info).

TomTom Alerts | How do I enable alerts on my TomTom?

Touch the map to open the menu.

Touch "Change Preferences"

Touch "Manage POIs" or "Warn when near POI"

Scroll through the POI Categories and select one for alerts.

Enter the alert distance (e.g., 300 yards).

Choose the alert sound you want to use.

Choose a setting for "Warn only if POI is on route".

If needed, repeat for additional POI categories.

TomTom OV2 | How do I get OV2 POI files onto my TomTom?

Here's a quick summary:

1) Connect the TomTom GPS to your Computer
2) Open the TomTom drive letter under Devices with Removable Storage (located at start menu / my computer)
3) Locate your maps folder on the TomTom (called "usa_and_canada" or "north_america" or "united states")
4) Copy the OV2 files into your TomTom's maps folder

To enable alerts:

TomTom OV2 | How do I convert POI files to TomTom OV2 format?

POI files that are in CSV or GPX files need to be converted to OV2 format before they can be used on a TomTom nav system.

Extra_POI_Editor is an outstanding software package that can read and write POI files in several formats, including CSV, GPX, and OV2. It's available from this web site:

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TomTom Alerts | How do I get mp3 alerts onto my TomTom unit?

Take heart fellow TomTom users - if your unit doesn't have mp3 playback capability (TomTom One) all is not lost! I downloaded one of the mp3 alerts from the Factory's list, converted it to .ogg format, named it exactly the same as the POI and loaded it into my One. Guess what? I now have RhythmTip alerting me when a police station is nearby.