TomTom OV2 | How do I get OV2 POI files onto my TomTom?


Here's a quick summary:

1) Connect the TomTom GPS to your Computer
2) Open the TomTom drive letter under Devices with Removable Storage (located at start menu / my computer)
3) Locate your maps folder on the TomTom (called "usa_and_canada" or "north_america" or "united states")
4) Copy the OV2 files into your TomTom's maps folder

To enable alerts:

1) Select "Change Preferences" on the GPS unit
2) Select "Warn when near POI" (may be on more choices menu)
3) Choose the POI you want to have alerts; set distance & sound; leave *unchecked* the option to "warn only in route"

Note: Files in GPX format need to be converted to OV2 format before they are copied to your TomTom.

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