TomTom Alerts | How do I get mp3 alerts onto my TomTom unit?

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Take heart fellow TomTom users - if your unit doesn't have mp3 playback capability (TomTom One) all is not lost! I downloaded one of the mp3 alerts from the Factory's list, converted it to .ogg format, named it exactly the same as the POI and loaded it into my One. Guess what? I now have RhythmTip alerting me when a police station is nearby.

I had to see for myself if the voice alerts would work on my One. A lot of time and energy went into creating them and I'd be upset if I couldn't use any of them.

The mp3's are easy to convert to .ogg format using audio conversion software such as Acez All Audio Converter. You can download and use the software on a trial basis to see if you like it. If you do then by all means buy it!

Remember, always name the ALERT exactly the same as the POI it will be associated with if you want it to work properly!

So, if your TomTom unit isn't mp3 capable why not try an .ogg file instead? Don't let those alerts go to waste!


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