TomTom POI Files | How to display Multi-line descriptions and Phone numbers in TomTom


This post addresses using custom POI files with multi-line descriptions and phone numbers in TomTom, and addresses how to get it all to display and how to make sure the number dials properly. If this info is already available on this board, I apologize (my search didn't find similar info).

In importing custom POI's from this board, I noticed some limitations of the ov2 format for TomTom 6 PDA version (that may or ma not apply to other models).

First, multi-line descriptions don't work in TomTom, so if a CSV uses multiple lines, you only get the last one. You can fix this in Excel. For example, if the CSV uses two lines, enter this in cell E1:

=C1&" "&D1

then copy that formula to all cells down the column. Next highlight the column and copy, "paste special" to column F, and select "Values." This column will now be the text from the first two columns.

If the description has phone numbers and you want to be able to dial them, you need a > symbol in front of each number. This can generally be accomplished with a Find & Replace (say, of a semicolon or a slash). You may want to add the country code (+1) to the beginning of each number too (depending on how your phone dials).

Finally, you want to make sure no descriptions are over 63 characters. Descriptions over 63 characters suffer two problems:

1. They don't display beyond the 63rd character.
2. The phone number won't dial. This is the big issue, IMO.

You can find out if cell C1 has too many characters by using the formula


You can then paste this formula down a column, sort by that column, and see which descriptions need to be edited.

Once all descriptions are columns are combined and the resulting cells are 63 characters are less, you can remove any extra columns and save the file as an XML for use in POIEdit(I couldn't get Excel-modified CSV files to work in POIEdit).

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