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Garmin BaseCamp 4.5.2 Mac is Out

Just saw the notice.

Go get it!

GPSMAP64s, fenix, iPhone 6, iPad2, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS, MacBookPro, all sorts of maps.

BaseCamp for Mac 4.5.2

Changes made from version 4.5.1 to 4.5.2:
◦Added Mac OS X 10.11 support.
◦Disabled map coverage for device maps.
◦Fixed issue with generating map tiles during app termination.
◦Fixed issues with discovering USB devices.

POI Loader - Newly loaded files "Greyed Out" (MAC)

I have a Garmin Nuvi 3590 and in the past, from this site, have downloaded and installed custom POIs. Yesterday I downloaded more custom POI to my Macbook desktop. I used the most recent version of POI Loader, 2.3.0, that I can find. All my Custom POI info is in a folder on the desktop.

BaseCamp For Mac V4.4.8 Is Out

Just updated to the new BaseCamp for Mac V4.4.8.

Looks like a few bugs were fixed.

GPSMAP64s, fenix, iPhone 6, iPad2, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS, MacBookPro, all sorts of maps.

Garmin Express

Update to Garmin Express is available

Frank Nuvi 2597LMT 37.021485, -78.959851


GE for MAC is released.

Frank Nuvi 2597LMT 37.021485, -78.959851

Basecamp Map Issue (MAC)

I installed Google Earth, then installed Google Earth Pro. Basecamp only wants to open Google Earth. I removed Google Earth and now Basecamp can't find Google Earth Pro.

Anyone got an idea how to make it recognize Google Earth Pro?

Frank Nuvi 2597LMT 37.021485, -78.959851

BaseCamp For Mac is Out, V4.4.6

Just downloaded, looks like some things were fixed.

GPSMAP64s, fenix, iPhone 6, iPad2, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS, MacBookPro, all sorts of maps.

Troubleshooting BMP Icon issue w/ Mac POI Loader

I spoke with someone today who was having troubles loading BMP icons using the Mac version of POI Loader. He had done some troubleshooting with Garmin technical support, and they found that the icons worked with the PC version of POI Loader but not the Mac version. On the Mac, they would cause an "unexpected error".

GPX Editor (for Mac)

Thought I'd mention there's a GPX Editor for Mac now:

New OS X backdoor malware

New OS X backdoor malware roping Macs into botnet

New malware targeting Mac machines, opening backdoors on them and roping them into a botnet currently numbering around 17,000 zombies has been spotted and analyzed by malware researchers of Russian AV company Dr. Web.

iOS 8

For those interested iOS 8 has been released.

Nüvi 255WT with nüMaps Lifetime North America born on 602117815 / Nüvi 3597LMTHD born on 805972514

Garmin BaseCamp for Mac Available

Just downloaded...

GPSMAP64s, fenix, iPhone 6, iPad2, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS, MacBookPro, all sorts of maps.

TomTom Home Mac

Is latest version of TomTom Home for the Mac behaving properly? Just want to make sure it works well before upgrading.


TomTom XXL 540 TM

How do I load POIs onto my Garmin 3590 using my iMac?

I am new here. As stated in the subject line I am trying to load a POI onto my Garmin 3590. I did surf the topics and tried to use the search feature with no joy. I did find the instruction for using a PC.

Unlocking 2014.40 for Roadtrip

I just installed City Navigator North America 2014.40 on my Garmin nevi 2350LMT using Garmin Express v3.0.7.0. So while the unit was still hooked up to my Mac I decided to do some preliminary work on a drive to Gatlinburg, TN using Garmin Roadtrip. When the app launched I got the usual dialog reporting that the new map was locked and recommending that I unlock it online.

What do I dare erase from my SD card?

I have an 8GB sd card in my Nuvi 260W. I'd like to erase non-essential files to make more room. Here is a list of the files in the Garmin folder on the sd card at present.

gmapsupp copy.img

What do you suggest I erase to create more space?


SD card format

What format do I need to use a 4GB sd card in my Nuvi 260W? I use a MBP computer and will format/reformat the SD card w/ Disk Utility.

Thanks for the help!!


Garmin Express For Mac Up To V4.1.11.0

But wait, there's more.... update yet again.

Feb 26, V3.0.3.0

Feb 27, V3.0.4.0

Mar 5, V3.0.6.0

Mar 5, about 5:45 PM, V3.0.7.0

Mar 6, 11:13 AM EST, still V3.0.7.0

Mar 25, V3.0.10.0

Mar 27, V3.1.1.0

Apr 1, V3.1.3.0

Missed the exact date, V3.1.4.0

May 8, V3.1.5.0

May 15, 2014, V3.2.3.0

May 16, 2014, V3.2.5.0

June 3, 2014, V3.2.6.0

GPSMAP64s, fenix, iPhone 6, iPad2, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS, MacBookPro, all sorts of maps.

Deleting Poi's

I have been trying to delete custom Poi's on dezl 790 with a mac. Have deleted all poi files on mac. Using Poi loader says all Poi are removed, but they are still on Gps. Managed to remove shortcuts & favourites, but custom Poi;s are still there. Can anyone help?

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